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Shakespeare & Co. is an independent full-service bookstore in Missoula, MT.  We sell new books, kids books, gifts, journals, cards, t-shirts, gift certificates and more. Stop by for recommendations and check out our readings and events!

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Courtney Blazon - Bookstore Mural Reveal

Friday, May 29th: Art. Courtney Blazon will unveil her mural on the wall of our bookstore's new annex. 6 pm.

Please join us for an evening of visual art, live music by Caroline Keys, refreshments and snacks from Massala Indian  as we celebrate local artist Courtney Blazon and Radius Gallery.

Friday’s event marks seven years of collaboration between artist Courtney Blazon and Shakespeare & Co. owner Garth Winston. Since then, Courtney has designed seven different bookmark series, postcards and t-shirts for the bookstore. Courtney’s first series of four bookmarks featured Dracula, Moby Dick, Secret Garden and Wuthering Heights; her latest includes literary mash-ups such as Pippi Longstocking on Asteroid B-62, Lolita and Humbert Humberrt in Never Never Land, and Patrick Bateman following the Yellow Brick Road. Courtney’s mural on a wall of the bookstore’s new annex is just one more fantastic example of literary and visual arts coming together for the benefit of Missoula and beyond. Come join us!

From Courtney Blazon:

When I moved here is 2005, Garth and Shakespeare and Co. was one of the very first places that I’d shown my work (the show was in 2008) in which I was recognized by any publication (in this case the Independent wrote up a story about my art).

This was unexpected and wonderful!  What I had hanging there in 2008 was a 9’ drawing I’d done several years before. 

After that, I began my full time pursuit of being an artist/illustrator, and doing the bookmarks has become one of my very favorite projects I get to do. 

I am so glad that Garth and I have had this collaboration, and I so appreciate his allowing me to put my unique spin on the art, as well as just giving me a great venue to hone my skills and do some fun work.

I feel like ongoing collaborations like this are one of the best parts of my job. I look forward to always improving on what we last did, and I love that, with the bookmarks in particular, they are so accessible to everyone!  People often recognize me and my artwork through the bookmarks and t-shirt design, and I am always proud of the work we do. 

And that it supports such a vital local business is the cherry on top!

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