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Shakespeare & Co. is an independent full-service bookstore in Missoula, MT.  We sell new books, kids books, gifts, journals, cards, t-shirts, gift certificates and more. Stop by for recommendations and check out our readings and events!

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Michael Hodges - The Puller

Thursday, May 28th: Thriller. Michael Hodges reads from his new book Puller. 7 pm.


Matt Kearns has two choices: fight or hide. The creature in the orchard took the rest.
Three days ago, he arrived at his favorite place in the world, a remote shack in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The plan was to mourn his father’s death and figure out his life.
Now he's fighting for it.
An invisible creature has him trapped. Every time Matt tries to flee, he’s dragged backwards by an unseen force.
Alone and with no hope of rescue, Matt must escape the Puller's reach. But how do you free yourself from something you can’t see?


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