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Ednor Therriault - Seven Montanas: A Journey in Search of the Soul of the Treasure State


Thursday November 7th: Montana author Ednor Therriault joins us for the release party of his new book Seven Montanas: A Journey in Search of the Soul of the Treasure State. 7:00 pm.

While Montanans share a few attitudes and love of the land that attracts them to Big Sky country, it’s the differences between the regions that truly give the state its unique flavor. Through interviews, photos, history and personal observations, author Ednor Therriault profiles each region and in the process gives a more complete view of the state as a whole. Along the way the reader will learn why some people choose to live where they do, how they view the rest of the state, and what some of the factors are that give each region its singularity.

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Ednor Therriault has spent more than 20 years exploring Montana from corner to corner. He’s authored two editions of Montana Curiosities, revised the current edition of Montana Off the Beaten Path, and has completed work on Yellowstone Myths and Legends, which includes in-depth historical information on Montana’s gateway communities of Gardiner and West Yellowstone.

Therriault brings the wit of a humorist, the fact-finding tenacity of a journalist, and a deep Montana pedigree to his work. His father, a decorated Marine pilot, was born in Missoula. His great-great-grandparents homesteaded along Douglas Creek in the Flint Valley in the late 1800’s and his grandfather mined for gold in Garnet, now Montana’s best-preserved ghost town. Therriault also studies Native American history, and recognizes the importance of including Indian culture and narratives in his depictions of the complex history of Montana.

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