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Spencre McGowan - Blotto Botany

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Friday, September 7th: Montana herbalist Spencre McGowan joins us for a reading from her new book, Blotto Botany. 7pm.

Blotto Botany, originally a zine, is now a gorgeous full-length book of medicinal cordials created by herbalist and healing expert Spencre McGowan. Inside, readers and herbalism practitioners will find 40 cordial recipes organized by season, each with their own healing properties. Each page is a four-color collage created by the author, and all the recipes are written in her own handwriting.


Spencre L.R. McGowan is an herbalist and writer primarily from Maine and Nantucket. She is the creator of Gingertooth & Twine, a blog and shop dedicated to enhancing herbal wisdom through plant-based brews, meals, and publications. Spencre received her certification as an herbalist from the California School of Herbal Studies in 2013. She currently lives alongside the icy caps of Montana with some plants.

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