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Cassandra Wind - Ancient Teachings, New Traditions

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Saturday, May 5: Missoula-based author and acupuncturist Cassandra Wind joins us for a reading from her new book, Ancient Teachings, New Traditions: A Mother's Quest to Raise an Empowered Daughter1pm.

Cassandra Wind was born in Wisconsin and was second of seven children. She always found nature to be her sanctuary when life seemed too volatile. These experiences strengthened her to study with non-traditional healers around the globe. Through two marriages and divorces, she shared raising her three children while pursuing a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine. At age 42, she interned in acupuncture at the Traditional School of Chinese Medicine in Guangzhou. In her current practice, she inspires, awakens, and motivates her clients to discover the unique gift they were blessed with to make this world better.


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