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Blair Hopkins - All in a Day's [Sex] Work


Thursday, April 26: Washington-based photojournalist Blair Hopkins joins us for a reading from her new book, All in a Day's [Sex] Work. 7pm.

For three years, professional photographer Blair Hopkins traveled the United States photographing and interviewing escorts, exotic dancers, adult film performers, dominatrixes, professional submissives, phone sex operators, and webcam performers.
Her aim: to fill in the holes in our cultural narrative about sex work. Her findings: A menagerie of society’s outliers and cast of characters as uniquely fascinating, ambitious, tragic and cheeky as can be imagined, representing a full spectrum of humanity.


Hopkins sought to surpass voyeurism to challenge the reader’s accepted paradigm about the cis-and trans men and women of this underground community. Her dogged pursuit of the truth has yielded a truly prolific, comprehensive and riveting collection of conversations about humanity’s oldest shadow industry as it exists in our modern age. All In A Day's [Sex] Work is a photojournalistic investigation into the daily lives of the
intriguing, oft-maligned, and dedicated professionals who occupy our fantasies and indulge our deepest erotic urges.

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