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Ednor Therriault - Myths and Legends of Yellowstone: The True Stories Behind History's Mysteries


Wednesday, December 5: Missoula author Ednor Therriault joins us for a reading from his new book, Myths and Legends of Yellowstone: The True Stories Behind History’s Mysteries. 7pm.

The world's first designated national park, Yellowstone is famous for its steaming geysers, bubbling mud pots, and wildlife-caused traffic jams. But few people may know about the many Native American tribes that visited the area long before John Colter "discovered" it, how one man nearly decimated the park's bison population, or the strange music that emanates from Yellowstone Lake. Each episode included in this book explores unusual phenomena, strange events, and mysteries in Yellowstone National Park’s history. From rumors of ghosts in the iconic Old Faithful Inn to Bigfoot sightings throughout the park, Myths and Legends of Yellowstone makes history fun and pulls back the curtain on some of this national treasure's most fascinating and compelling stories.


Ednor Therriault is the author of Montana Off the Beaten Path and Montana Curiosities, the best-selling title in Globe Pequot’s “Curiosities” series. His next book, Seven Montanas: the Search for the Soul of the Treasure State, is scheduled for release in fall of 2019. He writes a biannual humor column for Mountain Outlaw magazine, and has written for Distinctly Montana, Montana Magazine, and the Missoula Independent.

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