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Gabriele Golissa - Skies/Himmel

Wednesday, July 26: German-born and Montana-based fine art photographer Gabriele Golissa takes you on a journey through her new book, Skies/Himmel. 7pm.

Most conversions take place in churches or temples, but Gabriele Golissa found new purpose in the plush seat of an Airbus A380. Born in Dusseldorf, Germany, she earned degrees in both business administration and disease prevention and health management. In 2014, on a trip from Frankfurt to Beijing, Golissa was overcome by a sunset. As her fellow passengers focused on the in-flight movie, she took out her camera and began clicking away. It was the start of something new.

Photographing from both ground and air, Golissa insists on depicting the sky as she sees it, experimenting with aperture and shutter speed as well as image composition while declining to alter her work after the fact. “I never tire of skies,” Golissa says. “They are never the same. No rationality, only feeling.”

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