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Leslie Stoll - Everything She Wanted to Say

Thursday, July 20: UM alumna Leslie Stoll joins us for a reading of her new novel, Everything She Wanted to Say. 7pm.

At the risk of sounding like a Steve Daines ad, Stoll is a sixth-generation Montanan.  She is a graduate of UM in Journalism and Philosophy.

Writing is her first love, having met it when she was five.

While Everything is her first novel, Stoll has written 12 stage plays (the third is being produced this fall), a screenplay, and has had work published in 406 Woman, and Montana Woman Magazines, plus numerous business, copywriting, and academic credits.

Five other books are in the works. 

Stoll grew up with “concrete under her feet, doing dressage, and playing in the symphony”, so her take on Montana fiction is unique and modern.  

Unless they are real, cowboys aren’t involved in her work. 


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