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Sean McDaniel & Alec Cizak

Wednesday, June 21: Billings novelist Sean McDaniel will read from his new book, Criminal Zoo. He will be joined by Missoula's own Alec Cizak, reading from his new novella Down on the Street. 7pm.

"Criminal Zoo is a chilling narrative into the mind of a serial killer. This book is terrifying, not the creepy 'who's behind the door' scary, but disquieting, in the way the reader is immediately brought into the killer's world. Sean McDaniel does a great job of giving the reader an insight into the thoughts, actions, and justifications of the villian through a first person chronicle. McDaniel has created a standout novel. Good character development, a twisting plot complete with a couple of 'didn't see that coming' moments, and a crucial social issue all contribute to making this a must read." —Larry Kennedy, owner of The Book Cellar

Sean McDaniel, born in Durango, CO, grew up on the plains of southeastern New Mexico. At the age of twenty-five, he founded Plaza Fitness Health Club, and is also a contributing editor for MuscleMag International. He lives in Billings, MT

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“Alec Cizak demonstrates in Down on the Street that he remains among the top fiction writers alive, regardless of genre. This is a crime story, but it’s so much more. Words like sharpened blades cut out the reader’s heart, emotionally and otherwise. I read this novella in a burst. A week later, I’m still absorbing it.” —Rob Pierce, author of Uncle Dust and With the Right Enemies.

Alec Cizak is a writer and filmmaker from Indianapolis. He is the author of Between Juarez and El PasoManifesto Destination, and a collection of short stories, Crooked Roads. He is also the editor of the fiction journal Pulp Modern.

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