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Eden Solas & Nora Justice

Thursday, May 18: Eden Solas, originally from California, will read from her collection of short stories, Tender Tinder Tarot Teacher. University of Montana alumna Nora Justice will read from her new poetry and art collection, Second Puberty. 7pm. Join us ahead of time for tarot readings from Eden at 6pm.

Eden Solas

Tender Tinder Tarot Teacher chronicles a year of Eden Solas' daily encounters with the new age, the desert dating scene, economic hardships, and small everyday trials and triumphs through her role of payday loan attendant. Solas’ short stories touch intimately on the breadth of lives in the High Desert region. 

Eden is from Fontana, California, a former steel town where her parents worked as nurses at the first Kaiser Permanente hospital.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Southern California and recently received the Truman Capote scholarship to
attend the University of Montana’s Creative Writing Graduate program.


Nora Justice

Nora Justice has been writing and publishing poetry since her teens, but recently published her first collection Second Puberty, an intimate collage of art and poetry. She writes about relationships, her years working in animal rights activism, her lifelong struggle with her Catholic identity, mortality, sexuality, queer politics, coming out as a trans-woman, birds, hauntings, and the ghostly vibes of the Pacific Northwest. She has worked extensively in activism, politics and alternative media, toured the nation playing in various bands, has had several visual art gallery showings in Missoula and holds degrees in both Native American Studies and Irish Studies from the University of Montana. Currently she is working on a project to help publish the poetry of those confined to mental health facilities and is an active member of four local bands: Preachy, Wilhelmina, Holy Lands, and her solo project False Teeth. 

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