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Truth to Power: Writers Respond to the Rhetoric of Hate

Tuesday, April 11: Montanans Sherwin Bitsui, Rick Bass, Megan McNamer, and Christin Rzasa will join us for a reading from a newly-released collection of prose and poetry, Truth to Power: Writers Respond to the Rhetoric of Hate and Fear

Other contributors to the collection include Joy Harjo, Martin Espada, Natalie Diaz, LeAnne Howe, Wendell Berry, Heid Erdrich, Marvin Bell, Aliki Barnstone, Pam Houston, and over a hundred other high-caliber writers. Pamela Uschuk is Editor-in-Chief.

"If you, like so many of us, are seeking an antidote to Trump’s America, take heart and take refuge in Truth To Power: Writers Respond To The Rhetoric Of Hate And Fear, an anthology of searing nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. Faster than a speeding NRA bullet after the election, Cutthroat, A Journal of the Arts, assembled and published this collection of works, as powerful, compelling, and incisive as they are timely. Individually and collectively, they trumpet a stirring call to action on today’s most crucial issues. Although President Trump is the primary focus, he serves as a prism for these inflamed issues, but is hardly the sole theme of Truth To Power. Pace yourself while reading this intense and intensive 340-page anthology so you can savor the works, and not be overwhelmed. You’ll want to refer to Truth To Power often throughout the next four, or eight years, and beyond." - Marsha Dubrow, Consequence Magazine

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