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Neltje - North of Crazy

Friday, April 28: Neltje joins us from Wyoming to read from her memoir, North of Crazy. 7pm.

She was born Neltje Doubleday, yet for years she has used no last name and goes solely by Neltje. Her grandfather started Doubleday & McClure Company, which over the years became Doubleday Publishing. Her father Nelson, Doubleday, expanded the company and hoped his son Nelson would follow his father’s passion. At eighteen Neltje married John Sargent, Sr. who would go on to become the President and Chief Executive of Doubleday. Years later her brother Nelson Doubleday took the company helm. The life she recounts in her memoir NORTH OF CRAZY is one of great passion, sadness, determination, and courage.

Earlier Event: April 27
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