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James Greene, Jr. - Brave Punk World

Saturday, December 9: James Greene joins us from Florida for a reading from his new book, Brave Punk World. 1pm.

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James Greene, Jr. is a freelance writer who has contributed to such succulent publications as Crawdaddy!New York PressOrlando Weekly, and Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader. He is also author of This Music Leaves Stains: The Complete Story of the Misfits, which was written before those 2016 reunion shows with Glenn Danzig (so now the story is no longer complete—buyer beware). Greene is currently trapped in the sizzling parking-lot carnival that is Florida, but he is originally from the part of Connecticut where Who’s the Boss? took place (he also can’t believe that show ran for eight seasons).

Punk rock may have started in the United Kingdom and United States, but it certainly didn’t stay in either country. The genre flew around the globe like a contagion, touching off simultaneous movements in nearly every market imaginable. Performing punk rock in many of these places wasn’t just rebellious, it was legitimately dangerous, thanks to regimes both oppressive and brutal. Brave Punk World immerses readers in these foreign scenes, describing the lifestyles and art of passionate, hard-charging groups who remain relative secret to the punk majority but who are just as crucial as the Ramones or the Sex Pistols. Punk diehards and travel enthusiasts with a taste for chaos will enjoy the country-by-country cultural explorations and wild stories offered within these pages.

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