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Michael Hodges - The Invasive

Tuesday, August 16th: Fiction. Local writer Michael Hodges reads from his new novel, The Invasive. 7pm. 

Bishop is trapped inside Montana’s Apex Valley along with his injured wife, a shotgun-wielding stranger named Colbrick, and a sneaking suspicion he's never making it back to Chicago. Things no man has seen before haunt the woods. Strange animal species creep behind pine trees, some of them with flashing red tags that blink faster and faster.
As Bishop and his companions scramble across the Montana wilderness, they find human remains and animal carcasses littering the woods. The small town of Elmore is empty, the windows broken and streaked with blood. Trout Bridge—their only way out—is blocked by abandoned cars, none that were inbound. 
With the strange animals species closing in, Bishop realizes his group must take a stand. He’s got a plan, and maybe they've got one last shot before the invasive species spread to the rest of the U.S.

Michael Hodges is an American speculative fiction writer. His short stories have appeared in over twenty magazines and anthologies, and his debut novel, The Puller, was released on April 24, 2015. The film rights for The Puller were purchased by Sonny Mallhi, producer of "The Strangers" and "The Lake House." The Puller also received a five star review from SF Signal. Foreign publishing rights were purchased by Luzifer Verlag, and The Puller was translated and released in Germany. Hodges is represented by Laura Wood of FinePrint Literary, NYC. Film agent Susan Schulman ("The English Patient") handled film rights. Along with being a member of SFWA and HWA, Michael also taught a writing panel with Game of Thrones editor Anne Groell, and Eragon author Christopher Paolini.

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