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Elisabeth Sheff - When Someone You Love is Polyamorous

Friday, December 9: Nonfiction. Dr. Elisabeth Sheff reads from her essential guidebook for family and friends of individuals who identify as polyamorous, When Someone You Love is Polyamorous. 7pm.

Having a friend or family member come out as polyamorous can be confusing and stressful. Chances are, questions arise, such as: Is this just a phase? Won't they settle down someday? What's going to happen to their kids? Do I have to invite all their partners over for Thanksgiving dinner? When Someone You Love is Polyamorous offers answers to these and more questions, to help understand and support polyamorous loved ones.

"When Someone You Love is Polyamorous is a well-written and useful book. I recommend it for anyone considering coming out to their friends and family, or anyone who has come out but is having trouble getting their loved ones to understand and accept their relationships." Jessica Burdge, author of Polyamory and Pregnancy

"This small, easy-to-understand book would be an excellent starting point for folks just learning about polyamory." Goodreads Review


Dr. Elisabeth "Eli" Sheff is the foremost academic expert on polyamory in the U.S., and the worldwide expert on polyamorous families with children. Sheff's first book, The Polyamorists Next Door (2014), details her 15-year study of poly- families with kids and was just reprinted in paperback, and her second book Stories from the Polycule (2015) is an edited anthology of writings by poly- folks. When Someone You Love is Polyamorous (2016) is Sheff's shortest book that guides family members and significant others who are trying to understand a polyamorous loved one. An expert witness and Guardian Ad Litem with a background in academic sociology, Dr. Sheff specializes in gender and sexual minority families, kink/BDSM, and issues facing trans* people. She is the CEO and Director of Legal Services at the Sheff Consulting Group, a think-tank of experts specializing in unconventional and under-served populations. You can find her blog on Psychology Today.

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