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Joe Anderson - Face the Music

Monday, October 10th: Montana native Joe Anderson reads from his account of sex, drugs, and ego in the music business, Face the Music7pm.

Face the Music

Zack Fluett was living the rock star dream until one fateful night at the Grammy Awards when he broke his hand on his lead singer's nose and began a downward spiral of wreckage and addiction. Now, a decade later, Zack's back--sober, wiser, and nominated for Song of the Year, with a smash country hit befitting his Montana cowboy origins. Unfortunately, his rock & roll past catches up with him, and his hopes of redemption and hard-won self-control take a beating as the clock ticks down the announcement of his category. Will he win? Will he even remain standing?! Zack finds himself forced to rely on the only constant in his life--playing music--to survive the madness that is Music's Biggest Night. The music industry gets skewered in this hilarious take on one man's battle to dance to his own tune.

"Verdict: ...a rock and roll novel that can proudly stand with other classics of the genre, such as Roddy Doyle's The Commitments and Harlan Ellison's Spider Kiss." Indie Reader

"You will laugh, you will cringe, you will pump your fist and say a quiet yes!, and you will possibly even cry a little. One thing you will not do is regret buying this book and reading it." Top of the Heap Reviews

A native of Montana, Joe Anderson is an entertainment attorney as well as a record and film producer, musician, and writer. In the 1990s he played keyboards in a San Francisco rock band and ran a small record label that earned three Grammy nominations. In 2001, he moved to Los Angeles and produced the Miramax film On the Line and the Weinstein company film Lovewrecked. Joe's experiences in the music and film industries and growing up in Montana inform the writing of his first novel. He now lives in Missoula and is at work on a new book. 

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