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Thursday, September 24th: Poetry. Devin Becker reads from his debut Shame | Shame and Tod Marshall reads from his latest release Bugle. 7 pm.

"[An] engaging first book of prose and free-verse poems [Becker] fashions miniature stories—anecdotes, jokes maybe—about not humiliation but existential embarrassment, the conviction that surely being human shouldn’t entail the feelings it does. . . . Besides prose poetry, Becker has also mastered e. e. cummings’ skinny, crawl-down-the-page poem, to similar, gotta-read-it-again effect."


"Devin Becker's Shame | Shame is a brilliant debut collection. Here, the prose poem has been re-imagined as a cinematic vignette, yet rooted as deeply in the American Northwest as anything in Richard Hugo and David Lynch. Raw, intimate, and elliptical in its metaphysics, Devin Becker's poetry captures an idiomatic recklessness while navigating those angular narratives of our contemporary lives."

—David St. John, from the Introduction


Devin Becker's first book, Shame | Shame (BOA Editions, Ltd., 2015), was selected by David St. John as the winner of the 2014 A. Poulin Jr. Poetry Prize. His poetry and research articles have been published in American Archivist, Cutbank, Faultline, Microform and Digitization Review, Midwestern Gothic, The Pinch, Prairie Sc