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Saturday, August 1st: Fiction. JP Kemmick reads from his Merriam-Frontier chapbook Space City, USA. 7 pm.

At once expertly crafted and undeniably moving, these five stories evoke the wilds of outer space, both in Alabama and light years away.  In these pages, readers will also find aroused paperboys, lonely bologna hoarders and cranky, newly undead mothers.  But in whatever strange directions these stories go, they do so with heart and an emotional honesty that anyone, whether they've ever donned a space suit or not, will surely be able to follow.

JP Kemmick is a graduate of the University of Montana's MFA program.  He is a winner of the Merriam Frontier Award, through which the publication of Space City, USA was made possible.  He has past work in Beechers, A Capella Zoo, Toad, Barrelhouse and elsewhere.  He lives in Portland, Oregon.

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