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Friday, October 16th. Graphic Fiction. Theo Ellsworth reads and presents from his new release The Understanding Monster, Book Three. 7 p.m.

This highly-anticipated third book completes Theo Ellworth's epic adventure, which the New York Times calls "an urgent (and often very funny) attempt to explain a coocoo-rococo cosmology made up of garbled fragments of role-playing games, Transformers episodes, relaxation exercises and horror movies."

Eleanor Davis, author of How to be Happy, writes: "Theo Ellsworth's comics don't make normal sense; they make a sort of super-psychic sense. His stories are filled with pure terror, pure hope, and pure, weird, unwavering love."

In The Understanding Monster - Book Three, our hero, Izadore, awakes to find his mind, body and soul reunited. The last Monks of the Imaginary Man lead him on a journey beyond Toy Mountain to discover the true nature of the relationship between creativity and reality.

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